European School student bags silver medal for AI greenhouse


Elias Fizesan presented his autonomous greenhouse project virtually to the judges Photo: Elias Fizesan 

Fizesan, just 16 years old, applied artificial intelligence to create a fully autonomous greenhouse which helps determine the health of the plant inside.

The data gathered, including information about the conditions of both the plant and the greenhouse, such as humidity or temperature, is then fed through deep-learning algorithms which help to determine optimal conditions for the plant, all the while attempting to minimise unnecessary usage of water, light or heat. 

In the initial selection, Fizesan’s project competed with some 400 worldwide. He won the silver medal after competing virutally with others worldwide. 

It’s the first time the Foundation for Young Scientists Luxembourg was represented at I-FEST2 fair organised by the Tunisian Association for the future of Science and Technology which brings together some 1,200 aspiring scientists aged 14-24 from 40 countries worldwide.

Given the health pandemic, this year’s fair was reduced from nine to four days and held completely virtually.