Students at St George's International School smile as they read their exam results St George's International School

Students at St George's International School smile as they read their exam results St George's International School

Out of 391 I/GCSE exams taken at St George’s International School, students recorded a 93% rate of I/GCSE papers graded at A* to C and 58% of papers at A*/A.

“92% of our students achieved at least 5 grades from A* to C. These students will now progress on to the next school year (Year 12) where they will study their chosen A/S level subjects,” the school said in a press release.

The eagerly-awaited results were published on Thursday and prompted more than average levels of worry among students since this year the grading system was changed so papers are graded from 9-1. St George’s, however, has applied a conversation chart to present its results in a more consistent manner.

At A-Level, 70% of exams were graded A*/A, 95% of examinations were graded A* to C and 45% of all entries received the highest grade possible, an A*.

At A/S Level, 41% of all entries received the top grade of A, 66% of examination papers were graded at A or B and 81% of examination papers achieved at least a grade C.

Photo: ISL. Archive photo of the 2018 graduating year

ISL results

The ISL’s 2018 graduating class recorded a 96.6% pass rate in the International Baccalaureate, a qualification which this year celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. The average score of the graduating year was 34, while 15 students achieved 40 points or above.

“ISL’s graduating class of 2018 lived up to all expectations this summer with a set of results to celebrate,” it said in a press statement, adding: “The school is very proud of all its students.”