Fashion Revolution in full swing



This year’s international campaign supporting sustainable practices in the clothing industry runs 22-28 April. 

It is anticipated some 275m people will take part in the initiative which calls for more safety and transparency when it comes to fashion, with over 1,000 events worldwide. The Luxembourg campaign will hold two events this week and has been active on social media, asking locals to make their voice heard by taking part in the campaign through social media with the hashtag #Whomademyclothes.

Stylianee Parascha, who helps run the local campaign and is also the founder of ethical clothing label What.Eve.Wears. is particulary pleased with how this year’s campaign is running. “People are sharing their stories, asking who made their clothes,” she said in an interview with Delano, adding that this year is the first time the campaign has had a local Instagram presence which, she says, has helped create even more engagement.  

This year has also been able to capture some of the momentum initiated by Fair Fashion Days, which took place 5-7 April at Rotondes. Although Parascha herself wasn’t one of the organisers, she says it helped create more visibility for the current campaign, creating a bigger impact. 

Event lineup

As part of the Luxembourg Fashion Revolution movement, there will be a clothes swap taking place at De Gudde Wëllen on 25 April starting at 6:30pm, where participants are free to bring gently used clothing and exchange them with others. Individuals can also drop off clothes at the location from 12-5pm, even before the swap begins, in case they cannot attend in the evening. 

Then on 26 April, from 6-8:30pm, there will be a “Smart Casual Talks” session at The Office City, where there will be a panel discussion on fashion sustainability, with plenty of startups working in vegan or conscious clothing brands on site. Speakers include Lydia Leu-Sarritzu (Blanlac), Flavia Carbonetti (Einfühlung), Guillermo Ortega (Natural Vibes), Anna Salewski (Scroble), Kimberly Doerfel (Zoé Muse), Charles-Louis Machuron (Silicon Luxembourg), and Parascha herself.