Fayot encourages telework to combat covid crisis


Screenshot of Franz Fayot, the economy minister, delivering his “Message to all Luxembourg companies and their employees”, which was posted on social media on 28 October 2020 at around 6:45pm 

The economy minister, Franz Fayot (LSAP), has told bosses to let their staff work remotely to the extent possible, as the number of coronavirus cases in the grand duchy and neighbouring countries has spiked in recent weeks.

Telecommuting and other measures “to limit contact between employees”, such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, are “essential”, Fayot said.

In a “Message to all Luxembourg companies and their employees”, posted the evening of 28 October, Fayot said that compliance can help reduce “the impact of the pandemic on our economy.”

Fayot stated during the video message:

“The latest figures on the evolution of the pandemic are very preoccupying. The virus is increasingly present in Luxembourg, in the Greater Region and in Europe. Together we have so far managed to keep the situation under control. Today, it is more essential than ever to respect distance, sanitary recommendations and restrictions that have been put in place. It is essential that everyone adopts responsible behaviour and follows the health recommendations as much as possible.


“Today, I reach out to you, the Luxembourg business community, to ask you to use teleworking to protect your health, and that of your employees and colleagues, as much as possible. I encourage you to ensure that you comply with the health measures in force as far as possible.


“Try to limit contact between employees as much as possible. Make sure that masks are worn wherever recommended, and that distance and that other recommended measures are respected.


“Encourage your employees to respect social distancing and to be tested when asked to do so. If anyone feels unwell or thinks they are experiencing symptoms related to covid-19, encourage them to contact a doctor immediately.


“Strict compliance with these measures is the best way to protect the health of all, and also to limit the impact of the pandemic on our economy.


“We are all part of the solution, and it is by continuing to show solidary and behaving responsibly that we will overcome this difficult period. Take good care of yourself and of your loved ones.”

Fayot’s statement came as the French and German governments announced partial lockdowns, although neither country made telecommuting mandatory.