Fifth of cancelled holidays not compensated

A fifth of people polled who cancelled holidays in May-June because of covid-19 have yet to be compensated Shutterstock

A fifth of people polled who cancelled holidays in May-June because of covid-19 have yet to be compensated Shutterstock

Of the people polled in Luxembourg who had to cancel holiday plans at the start of the summer because of the pandemic, a fifth were left out of pocket, a survey has found.

The Statec report published on Tuesday found that 46% of the residents polled cancelled at least one trip planned for May-June 2020 because of covid-19. Of that group, six out of ten had paid in advance but the majority (65%) were reimbursed in the form of refunds or vouchers, or replaced or postponed. In over a third of instances, would-be travellers received a full refund. For 21% of trips, residents were not sure if they would be compensated as the chart below shows.

Compared to 2019

Statec data for 2019 found that Luxembourg residents favoured hotel stays over any other form of accommodation, while the car was the main means of transport for a vacation, with plane occupying second place. Together, the two transport methods make up nine out of ten summer holiday trips. In 2019, 99% of trips were taken abroad, with Europe serving as the most popular continent for 94% of trips. France was the favourite destination in Europe (21% of trips), followed by Germany (11.5%), Portugal (9.8%), Italy (9.2%), Spain (8.7%) and Belgium (6%). Outside of Europe, the American continent was the top destination (3.1%), followed by the Asian continent (1.5%) and African continent (1.4%).

As the global pandemic continues and countries impose restrictions on travel to and from certain destinations, the Europe trend looks set to continue. To boost the country’s economic recovery, the government has launched several incentives and initiatives to promote local tourism. This includes cycling schemes and a €50-voucher for every person over 16 living and working in Luxembourg, which can be used to pay for accommodation in Luxembourg.