Financial firms top list of trusted Lux brands


Lalux, an insurance company, was the brand with the best “customer experience” during the covid-19 crisis, according to a recent poll of Luxembourg consumers by the consultancy KPMG. Library picture: Jan Hanrion/Maison Moderne 

The insurer Lalux, the state savings bank Spuerkeess and the bookseller Ernster gained the most trust among Luxembourg consumers during the coronavirus outbreak.

KPMG, a consultancy, said financial firms performed best in its ranking of the Luxembourg “brands that have been the most agile and responsive to changing customer behaviours in light of covid-19.”

Raiffeisen Bank and the payments firm Paypal also figured in the top 10.

Stanislas Chambourdon, head of banking and insurance at KPMG in Luxembourg, stated in an announcement:

“Financial organisations are committed to making a difference in their customer’s life, especially during a crisis. The results of this survey indicate that they have succeeded in this, and at a time of great turbulence. Agile and responsive, finance firms have listened to customers as their needs shifted, acting with integrity and resolving issues with empathy”.

In addition, the top 10 brands included the government’s Guichet.lu web portal, the Naturata natural goods market and the grand duchy’s post office.

Worldwide KPMG polled “101,162 consumers across 27 countries” to compile its indices. The consulting firm said it “surveyed over 1,000 customers for its Luxembourg study, covering 80 brands across 9 sectors.”

KPMG released the rankings on 17 July and said it would publish a detailed report in September.