Fines during last week of curfew



Police issued 72 fines to people breaking the midnight to 6am curfew in the last week of it being in force. 

A 14 June statement said that police issued a total of 78 covid-19 related fines in the past week, with 72 of them related to people breaking curfew.

Lawmakers on 12 June in a vote abolished the curfew. It first came into force in October 2020 between 11pm and 6am and was tightened to start at 9pm in December. Over the following months it was progressively relaxed before being abandoned altogether.

Around three quarters of covid-19 fines over the last months were issued to curfew breakers.

In addition to the 78 fines, police reported three cases to authorities for graver infractions against the coronavirus measures in place.