Former stadium site revamp seeks citizen input


The projects still in the running can be seen at the Rocade or online. Photo: Matic Zorman 

After two selection rounds, five teams remain in the running to redevelop the site of the Josy Barthel stadium into a new residential district for Luxembourg City. 

As Luxembourg is readying to open its new national stadium in Kockelscheuer, the Josy Barthel building is set to be demolished, opening up space along Route d’Arlon on the outskirts of the capital for urban development.

Out of 35 teams which had signed up to take on the task, only five remain in the running, presenting their visions of the future for the 10-hectare site, currently also occupied by a fire station and the city’s sanitation department, which will move.

The teams are multidisciplinary, including urbanists, landscapers, and mobility and energy experts to transform the site into a “new residential area with a high quality of life,” as described by mayor Lydie Polfer.

The CityZen, SmartQ - Parc Central, Living in the Forest, Jardin de Luxembourg and Quarter Belved’air projects are on display at the Rocade building in 3 Rue du Laboratoire and can be consulted online.

A jury is expected to select the winners in October or November this year. The projects aim to combine a mix of different housing options with shops, playgrounds, childcare and sports facilities, and other essential infrastructure.

Members of the public are invited to submit their feedback on the projects (on the website, click on the project and follow the link “civic engagement”) which will then be integrated into the final entries.

The winning project will form the basis for the City of Luxembourg to adapt its special development plan, a step needed to grant planning permission to developers.

This story was first published on Paperjam and has been translated and edited for Delano.