Fresh capital for women’s investing platform

StarTalers co-founders Thierry Smets and Gaëlle Haag Startalers

StarTalers co-founders Thierry Smets and Gaëlle Haag Startalers

A Luxembourg startup aimed at making investing more inclusive will get a boost after raising €520,000 in a round led by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

The proceeds will support StarTalers, reinforcing their technical team and finalising the development of their online financial advisory platform.

“This investment by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange marks a huge step forward for the future of StarTalers. It provides the crucial funding needed to develop and launch our platform so that we can help women become financial investors,” StarTalers founder Gaëlle Haag co-founder and CEO said.

StarTalers was created in 2018 with the goal of making finance more inclusive, and in particular helping women to make a positive environmental or social impact through their investments. According to Haag, women in Europe have around €580bn in assets which are not being invested, largely because women feel excluded from the investment world.

Since its launch, StarTalers has won a handful of awards, including the Whoopi Golderg Female Empowerment Award at the 2018 Arch Summit.