Geoportal serves up restaurant delivery and take out finder

The interactive map allows users to find listings of local restaurants that are providing delivery and take out services.Photo: Shutterstock 

The official national platform for government geodata and services, Geoportal, has teamed up with telephone directory Editus to launch a useful tool for the current movement restrictions. An interactive map detailing restaurants in the grand duchy that are currently providing delivery and take out services went live on Wednesday.

The easy to use map features zoom capabilities and uses icons to show whether the establishment offers delivery (a moped icon), take out (an icon of a bag with a knife and fork) or both. Clicking on the icon allows users to view a sidebar with information including the restaurant’s name, address and opening hours as well as notes and a link to its listing in Editus.

Click here to view the map

Geoportal was built by Luxemburg’s national cadastre and mapping authority. It has been online since 2007 and is currently managed and maintained by a team of six.