Goal for touch rugby club: get more girls onside


Rugby Club Luxembourg’s junior touch rugby team opened a recruitment drive this week to get more girls involved in the sport. Library picture: Girls participate in a St George’s International School touch rugby tournament, played at Boy Konen stadium in Cessange, 5 March 2020. Image credit: LaLa La Photo 

Luxembourg’s junior touch rugby club is looking for more girls to join the squad.

The team, which is part of Rugby Club Luxembourg, released a promotional video on Thursday to draw attention to its recruitment drive.

Touch rugby is a non-contact form of the game, which means it can be played with mixed-gender teams and with players of different sizes.

Junior touch typically attracts more girls, particularly in the 8-13 age group, than other forms of rugby in Luxembourg. However, this year, organisers observed that only boys had joined a new afterschool club at the International School of Luxembourg’s middle school.

“So the school suggested we do a promotional video to show that touch is also a great sport for girls,” the club’s Nick Frank told Delano on 20 May. “Overall our aim is to get more girls playing sport, and if touch is the thing to do it, then all well and good.”

The video was also produced with the support of St George’s International School.

More information about junior touch rugby is available by emailing [email protected] or checking out the Luxembourg Touch Facebook page.