Gov offers consulting cash for SMEs to revamp post-virus


Franz Fayot, the LSAP economy minister, said the Fit 4 Resilience programme, announced on Thursday, was “aimed at rebounding as quickly as possible after the health and economic crisis that our businesses are going through.” Photo credit: Luxinnovation 

“Fit 4 Resilience” is part of the “Neistart Lëtzebuerg” economic recovery plan outlined by the government on 20 May and is being managed by Luxinnovation, an economic promotion agency.

In a press release issued on 28 May, the economy ministry said of Fit 4 Resilience:

“The aim is to support companies in their analysis of how they have been impacted by the covid-19 crisis in order to identify the paths to follow to reinvent themselves and relaunch their activities in a more resilient manner. The analysis will focus both on their internal functioning and on their interaction with customers and suppliers.”

The announcement explained:

“With the support of consulting firms specialising in strategy, approved by Luxinnovation, Fit 4 Resilience will help companies prepare a repositioning plan and develop an action plan covering the short and medium-term perspective. Depending on the companies’ size and complexity, the development work may last between 5 and 25 days. The Ministry of the Economy will cover 50% of the consultancy costs for eligible companies.”

Applications are open until 31 December.