Grower Champagne : The ‘Essentials Rosé’ by Craft et Compagnie


Picture : Craft et Compagnie 

Craft et Compagnie, Grower Champagne specialist in Luxembourg, releases a selection of 6 Rosé ‘coups de cœur’ to brighten your break times. Follow the guide!

In April, Craft et Compagnie was revealing its “Champagne Essentials* “. In May, Agnès and Sébastien Rouillaux propose to bring color to your Spring and release the pressure with a wide variety of Rosé Champagne.

Rosé Champagne was long considered a marketed product more than a connoisseur wine. Yet Rosé undergoes a revolution to reinvent itself. With its selection of top grower Champagnes, Craft et Compagnie stays away from sugar and industrials easy drinking standards to share with you a new world of nuances, complex fragrances, mouthfeels and freshness.  

Discover “The Essentials Rosé” a unique offer of 6  different Champagnes priced at 30€ per bottle, only sold via it’s e-boutique : Prices remain valid during lock down and while supplies last.

No minimum order required. Free delivery anywhere in Luxembourg. Mixed 6 packs available. Payment and Delivery contact less.

The first 3 cuvée are revolving around delicate fruits, iodine sensation and freshness. The other 3 will take you in a more expressive, vinous, powerful and food friendly profile.  

 * Champagne Huré Frères ‘Insouciance Rosé’: for Japanese cuisine lovers

This blending process rosé (rosé d ’assemblage) with its delicacy allows a smooth start: nose of citrus fruits and red berries. On the palate insouciance is ethereal and refreshing. A seductive rosé that can be enjoyed in a “let go” moment with “insouciance”. This cuvée will pair in a nice balance with sushi, sashimi, maki or Gravlax salmon.

* Champagne Pierre Gerbais ‘Grains de Celles Rosé’ : for sea food and iodine product lovers

If you like Pinots (Noir & Blanc), this cuvée is made for you. Light to medium bodied this proposal is refined and elegant. Great length and sapidity. A perfect combination with raw or cooked sea products (shellfish, mussels, clam), seafood (whelk, shrimp, oysters), cold or warm crustaceans (lobster, crayfish) raw and marinated fish and / or Carpaccio.

* Champagne JM Sélèque ‘Solessence rosé’ : for cheese lovers

This composer Rosé proposes a talented partition unrivaled as of today. Each grape variety plays a specific role: freshness brought by the Chardonnay, the fruit burst by the Meunier and the backbone of Pinot Noir gives birth to a pure, harmonious and delicious Champagne.  We take Solessence rosé towards an original yet efficient food pairing with “local” cheese like Langres, Chaource or Brillat-savarin.

 * Champagne Veuve Fourny ‘Brut Rosé’: for exotic cuisine lovers

Seductive cuvée of Veuve Fourny, this rosé is an invitation to travel. Blended with Chardonnay, the Pinot noir brings subtle notes of red berries and black currents to the nose. The palate remains crispy and refreshing. A rich and full bodied rosé, ideal companion for sweet and sour flavors, suave aromas, colorful spices, herbs from abroad. Currys, Colombos, Tajines, Satés...and other Middle Eastern dishes will satisfy your thirst for an escape.

* Champagne Moussé Fils ‘Effusion Rosé’ : for strawberry lovers

Give a try to this fruity, vinous, refreshing, full of personality Champagne. This ‘Fruit basket’ Meunier will match your red fruits based deserts. The season is just starting for strawberrys so you might want to pair it with strawberry sabayon, tart, panacotta or simply by itself. Effusion rosé is low dosage to go with low sugared deserts. 

* Champagne Mouzon-Leroux ‘L’Incandescent Verzy Grand Cru’: for red meat lovers

This 100% Pinot noir maceration rosé displays a deep color, fruity notes and a spicy-tannic mouth feel calling for an ambitious pairing. First with cold Spanish / Italian meats or on red meat grilled on the BBQ like duck “magret” or aged beef prime rib. Audacious but it does work!

*’Champagne Essentials’ offer is still available on Craft et Compagnie e-boutique (