Housing: new government provisions



With the arrival of a new government, new measures will be taken with regard to housing, an industry under pressure. Overview.


Among many priorities of the new government, housing is in good stead. Indeed, new measures will be taken to stem the surge in prices in the real estate market and facilitate access to housing for as many people as possible.

Public authorities intend to establish social housing, which will be available solely for renting, and thus not to for sale. Moreover, they wish to define the terms "social housing" and "low-rent housing" more clearly as they are often misunderstood.

The housing aid system must also be scrutinized to enable the beneficiaries (single-parent families and couples with children) to access it. 

Furthermore, the law on the lease of housing will be supplemented by provisions to simplify subleasing and house sharing, which is on a roll lately.

In addition, an organization will be set up within the Ministry of Housing. It will be dedicated to the council of municipalities in order to carry out housing scheme projects under their own management.

Beyond the social side, the new government also hopes to update the property tax, which has not changed since 1941.

Perceived by the municipalities, this tax concerns all the owners of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is calculated according to a common rate and a unit value fixed in 1941 and indexed to the today’s value.

It is this calculation that the authorities would like revise upward. No figures have been brought forward on this increase. However, the consequences of this increase could have repercussions in different ways, particularly with an additional charge on the rent or the price for sale.

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