Johnson & Johnson vaccine still in use in Lux

Vaccination via the Johnson & Johnson single jab is underway in Luxembourg Shutterstock

Vaccination via the Johnson & Johnson single jab is underway in Luxembourg Shutterstock

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, Janssen, has been used since Wednesday morning in the grand duchy. Meanwhile, J&J itself has wanted to delay its deployment following complications seen in certain patients, and several European countries have suspended its use. 

When asked by Delano’s sister outfit, Paperjam, the health ministry confirmed that people have started to receive the Janssen vaccine, named after the European subsidiary of the firm Johnson & Johnson, since Wednesday morning. “Currently, there is no change in the vaccination campaign,” the ministry said.

Johnson & Johnson, on the other hand, has itself halted deployment of its vaccine, barely delivered Monday in Luxembourg, following cases of blood clots forming in rare cases in patients in the US. This news was enough for several European countries to suspend its use pending the results of investigations carried out across the Atlantic.

It’s an extreme precautionary principle (there have been six cases, including a fatal one, listed, out of nearly 7m vaccinations--editor's note) that Luxembourg did not want to apply. Or, at least, not yet, since "the government will discuss this point when it holds its next council" on Friday. The opinion of the European Medicines Agency, which is carrying out a review, is therefore also eagerly awaited.

Much hope was based on this vaccine in order to further accelerate the vaccination campaign in the country. Not only is it a single jab, but it’s also much easier to store than the others.

This article was published in French on Paperjam and has been translated and edited for Delano.