Numerous surveys have shown that, for several years now, the kitchen has been the favourite room of the house. An ideal place for warmth and companionship, it’s the perfect place to cook, of course, but also to eat or have a drink while chatting with loved ones. You meet your family there in the morning for breakfast and discuss your day’s work in the evening at dinner. The kitchen often opens onto the living space to encourage the house’s inhabitants to circulate from one room to another and stay in touch. Nowadays, it even sometimes serves as an office space when working from home. Quite a change for a room that was previously confined to a single function and shut away from the other rooms in the house. So, as you can see, the kitchen is first and foremost a space to experience life.

“Form follows function”

That’s why this space needs to benefit from the best possible planning, with an attractive design that fulfils all its new functions and makes its occupants feel comfortable. The architects at bulthaup understand this challenge perfectly. The German company, founded in 1949, is a pioneer of modern kitchen design. Since its launch, the company has continually played with traditional modalities to reinvent itself and develop the best kitchen. But “best” has a special meaning here. There’s no question of the company losing itself in useless artifice; bulthaup follows the pragmatic design principles of the Weimar Bauhaus: “Form follows function”. Before being stylish, a kitchen should be practical, well thought out and, above all, equipped with quality materials. Aesthetically speaking, bulthaup’s designers believe that “less is more” and tend to opt for mini­malism and uncluttered beauty in their styling.

For Marc O. Eckert, a descendent of the company’s founder and bulthaup’s CEO since 2009, the real value is greater than the output: “You have to go beyond the product. The beauty of a kitchen is first and foremost the life that takes place in it,” says
the entrepreneur. “With our kitchens, we want to create a living space that is dedicated to life’s precious moments, where people enjoy spending time, meeting, talking and laughing.

The beauty of a kitchen is first and foremost the life that takes place in it.” Marc O. Eckert CEO of bulthaup

Above all, a place to live in

When a customer plans a bulthaup kitchen with the help of the brand’s experts, they get the benefit of personalised advice along with a selection of exceptional and varied materials. The designers listen to the customer and their wishes. The important question is not what you will eat in this kitchen, but how you will eat, and above all, with whom. It’s true that if we sometimes forget what is on our plate, we never forget the guests at a wonderful meal. The emotion we feel is not only a response to the dish; it also comes from the space around it and those sitting around the table. “The kitchen comes alive thanks to the human energy around it,” says the bulthaup’s CEO with passion. “A perfect kitchen is ultimately one that doesn’t draw attention to itself but puts itself at the service of its occupants. It’s one that promotes interaction and intimacy between people and creates an environment for a special shared moment.”

The kitchen comes alive thanks to the human energy within it.” Marc O. Eckert CEO of bulthaup

Welcome to bulthaup Luxembourg

bulthaup opened its showroom in Strassen in 1992. The end of last year the interior received a full makeover. Now, Renaud Sara, Stefan Bambach and their team are ready to welcome you there to help you plan the kitchen of your dreams. Next year they’ll celebrate a new company milestone with their 30th anniversary. Nothing beats an in-person visit for viewing the diversity and quality of the materials used and assessing the company’s expertise. Their interior designers gladly take the time to turn your vision into reality and give you personalised advice.

We look forward to welcoming you at our showroom in Strassen.