Lack of staff jab tracking is “unprofessional”: researcher


Dr Claude Muller of the Luxembourg Institute of Health wants care homes to monitor covid-19 vaccinations more accurately. Photo: Luxembourg Institute of Health 

One of Luxembourg’s leading virologists has criticised how care facilities have been tracking their vaccination efforts, particularly the inoculation rate among employees.

Dr Claude Muller of the Luxembourg Institute of Health’s Department of Infection and Immunity said on RTL that it was “unprofessional” that nursing and care homes did not know which of their staff members have been vaccinated and which ones have not.

The estimated 60% inoculation rate for staff working in facilities run by Servior was catastrophic, Muller told RTL on 22 March. The estimated two-thirds rate across Luxembourg’s entire health sector was “unacceptable”, he stated.

Muller also called for better monitoring of new infections within care facilities, such as precisely measuring how long after a jab each positive case occurred. That could help researchers understand exactly when the vaccine’s protective powers come into full force. In turn, care home managers could more effectively adopt their policies, including when family members could be allowed to visit relatives again.