Letzshop 2021 subscription fee waived


The e-commerce platform currently counts around 500 local retailers. Photo: Shutterstock 

The annual subscription fee for shops wanting to sell their products on the Letzshop.lu platform has been waived for 2021, the ministry for small and medium-sized enterprises announced on Monday. 

Launched in 2018 by the ministry, the online sales platform Letzshop.lu is home to a wide range of merchants offering home delivery, thereby enabling customer to benefit from the advantages of e-commerce while nevertheless supporting local Luxembourg businesses. 

Back in March, Lex Delles (DP), minister for SMEs, had already announced increased support for businesses on the Letzshop.lu platform by cancelling the 2020 subscription fee of €500, in light of the covid-19 crisis and forced closures imposed by lockdown.

In the context of ongoing restrictions that will extend into the new year, the economic interest group "Luxembourg for Shopping", in agreement with minister Delles, has decided to also offer the shops present on Letzshop.lu as well as those wishing to join the platform the annual subscription for 2021 for free. 

Additionally, the decision was taken to maintain a maximum delivery cost of €2,99 for any national standard shipping. 

The national sales platform currently counts some 500 businesses offering around 370,000 items on the site. Despite the current economic and financial difficulties in light of the pandemic, the concept has seen huge success in 2020, announcing earlier this month that several records had been broken this year, with €350,000 in gift voucher orders in only six weeks.