LGBTQ in the business environment: live chat replay


Clockwise from top left, Jim Kent, Enrique Sacau, Ninian Wilson and Barbara Agostino during the Paperjam + Delano Club live chat on 27 January.Screengrab: Paperjam + Delano Club 

Maison Moderne’s Jim Kent talked with Ninian Wilson (CEO, Vodafone Procurement Company), Enrique Sacau (CEO, Kneip) and Barbara Agostino (Owner and Founder, Creche Barbara). They are all either advocates for diversity or have personally had to navigate through the commercial world whilst also being part of the LGBT community.

In a lively chat they talked about their own experiences, about corporate culture in Luxembourg and promoting LGBTQ awareness in the workplace.

Watch a replay of the chat, in English, here.

The video content was produced and was first livestreamed exclusively for Paperjam + Delano Club members. During the livestream, members can ask questions and chat with the speakers and other members who have logged on to the stream.

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