Julie Becker serves as LuxSE deputy CEO and founded the LGX in 2016 LuxSE

Julie Becker serves as LuxSE deputy CEO and founded the LGX in 2016 LuxSE

As announced by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) on Wednesday, LGX--its platform listing 830 sustainable securities totalling €320bn--was one of just 13 projects worldwide to be recognised as part of the UN Global Climate Action Awards 2020. 

“This recognition strongly encourages us to continue to promote the sustainable finance agenda and help reorient capital flows toward green, social and sustainable investment projects,” said Julie Becker, who founded LGX in 2016 and serves as LuxSE deputy CEO. “Given the current context, this is now more important than ever.”

LuxSE announced on Tuesday the listing of the first social bond of €17bn under the EU’s instrument for temporary Support to mitigate Unemployment Risks in an Emergency (SURE) programme.

LGX was the first exchange in the world of its kind and has expanded substantially over the past year. In September, the centralised LGX data hub was launched as a tool to help investors compare impacts of securities, and in May an LGX academy was formed in a bid to provide sustainable finance education not just to professionals in finance, but also to the broader public.