Live chat: company culture playbook in times of covid


Screenshot of Workculturati founder and CEO Christina Clark speaking with Delano’s Natalie Gerhardstein during a Delano Live Chat on 15 October. See below for the full replay of the Live Chat. 

Although Clark launched her business in the midst of the health pandemic, she has over a decade’s experience working on behalf of multi-sector clients and comms agencies in this arena.

Clark’s philosophy is that culture “is a two-way street between leaders and employees, and it’s about having trust both ways”. Not only that, but it’s a “bottom-line imperative”: trust needs to be fostered within all levels of an organisation, which can also open cultures to accept failures as learning lessons for growth.

Clark’s message is one of empowerment for C-levels and interns alike, and she believes we all have a responsibility to be better within our companies to help shape positive cultures. But in times of covid, with the increasing use of technology, fostering a thriving company culture isn’t always so straightforward. In the Live Chat poll, only 50% of respondents said their companies had increased investment in people since covid-19.

“What’s interesting about the covid experience is that once you are stripping away the glossy parts of the company experience--the building, the reception desk, the way people are dressed--what you're left with is real culture, and it’s not something that can be bought.”

Clark provided examples of companies that have invested in the psychological safety of their employees, one that even created a new role of chief culture officer, while others are investing in certifications of the future, like B Corp

For some fascinating case studies, check out the replay below.

Watch the replay

Further reading

Interested in further reading about this topic? Check out Workculturati, which includes a blog on similar topics. Clark also recommends works by Amy Edmondson (also her TedX talk), these principles behind working in the open, “Emotional Agility” and “The Culture Map

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