Lux authorities warn of LinkedIn data scrape



Professional networking media platform LinkedIn has reported that information related to 500 m accounts has been scraped and leaked online.

Luxembourg’s national data protection commission, the CNPD, said that Irish authorities were assessing how many were Luxembourg accounts.

“The DPC informs us that LinkedIn has started its analysis on the basis of a subset of data concerning 2 million accounts and currently estimates that the data was downloaded via a technique called "scraping",” it wrote.

In this instance, the user scraped information from accounts that was already publicly available on the network. LinkedIn suspects that the phone numbers that were leaked came from a different source, however.

“While waiting to find out whether LinkedIn will proceed with individual information of the affected users, the Irish authority has required them to set up a public point of contact for all questions and complaints from users,” said the CNPD. The public can reach this point of contact by emailing [email protected]

Earlier this week it emerged that data from 500 million Facebook accounts, including 188,200 in Luxembourg, had been made available on the internet. The flaw that led to the data being leaked was corrected in August 2019. Among the accounts impacted were reportedly those of prime minister Xavier Bettel. Following the LinkedIn revelations, the CNPD reiterated recommendations it made after the Facebook leak, namely “assume that it is more than likely that your account is affected than the other way around.”