Lux state takes over ex-Deloitte, Nordea Bank space


The “Ikaros 2.0” office complex, rue de Neudorf. Handout photo: Square Meter SA 

A large vacancy in one of the best known offices in rue de Neudorf has been filled.

The Luxembourg state has leased 17,000 square metres in the “Ikaros 2.0” office complex, according to a press release issued by Square Meter, the property manager, on 20 April.

The space was occupied until 2019  by the consultancy Deloitte and the Luxembourg operations of Sweden’s Nordea Bank.

Deloitte decamped for its new bespoke Luxembourg headquarters in Cloche d’or and Nordea Bank shuttered its Luxembourg operations last year (its sister outfit Nordea Asset Management remains in the office complex).

The Ikaros 2.0 complex consists of two buildings with a total of approximately 25,000 square metres of office space, 5,000 square meters of storage space and 800 underground parking spaces, per Square Meter.

The lease means the site is nearly full, the property firm said. A spokeswoman told Delano: “Only 945 square metres of office space as well as 284 square metres of retail space are still available now.”

The spokeswoman was unable to tell Delano precisely which public bodies would occupy the leased space.

The Luxembourg state was signed by the Realcorp brokerage.