Lux traffic death rate higher than both neighbours & EU27


Eurostat said Luxembourg had, proportionally speaking, more road deaths than Belgium, France and Germany in 2018. Photo: Guillaume Henrotte/Unsplash 

The grand duchy’s road fatalities ratio is somewhat above the EU average.

There were 36 traffic deaths in Luxembourg in 2018, according to Eurostat.

The EU’s official statistics agency said this gave the country a rate of 60 road fatalities per million inhabitants.

For the entire EU, the rate was 52, with the lowest figures recorded in Ireland (29 road traffic victims per million inhabitants), Denmark (30), Sweden (32) and the Netherlands (35).

Luxembourg was deadlier than its three neighbours, Germany (40), France (49) and Belgium (53).

The worst ratios were found in Poland (75), Croatia and Latvia (both 77), Bulgaria (87) and Romania (96).

Across the bloc, nearly half (45%) of road accidents fatalities were passenger car occupants, 21% were pedestrians, 15% were motorcyclists, 8% were bicyclists and 12% occupied commercial, agricultural and other vehicles.

In Luxembourg, per Eurostat data, just over half (53%) of traffic victims were passenger car occupants, 25% were motorcycle riders, about 8% were bicyclists and roughly 8% occupied other types of vehicles.

Eurostat published the figures on 1 July.