Luxair introduces second Sumo plane amid activity slowdown


 (Photo : Luxair )

After a Boeing 737, Luxembourg’s national airline has now dressed one of its De Havilland Q400 in a Sumo look. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Luxembourg’s national airline has made headlines due to its dire situation in the wake of the covid-19 crisis and the collapse of air travel.

During the aviation tripartite last week, Luxair, the government and labour unions concluded that 600 jobs would have to be cut because of the airline and tour operator’s significant decrease in activity with no improvement in sight. 

On Thursday, however, the airline’s troubles seemed to be forgotten, or at least temporarily put aside, as it revealed its new collaboration with Luxembourg artist Sumo. 

At the end of July, Luxair had revealed “the first flying art gallery in Luxembourg”, in collaboration with graffiti artist Christian Pearson, aka Sumo 

Decorated with colourful comics and positive messages, the Sumo plane was supposed to stand for “the art and passion for the job,” the airline said in a statement. 

Good things apparently come in pairs for Luxair, which has now introduced its second creation in collaboration with the artist.

Whereas the Boeing 737-800 mainly operates flights to seaside destinations, the new Sumo plane, a De Havilland Q400, will showcase Sumo’s creation on central European skies as well as inside the cabin where catchy slogans and graffiti decorate the interior. 

While presenting the new Sumo Q400, Luxair also announced that it would launch nine new destinations for the winter season, although it has previously stated that capacity might have to get cut by up to 50% in the upcoming months if activity does not pick up.