Luxembourg ranks in top 15 for child well-being



New research from Unicef indicates that even the best-performing countries have room for significant improvement when it comes to ensuring consistently high child well-being.

The latest Unicef Innocenti Report Card measures 41 countries against three main categories: mental well-being, covering life satisfaction and suicide rates; physical health, including rates of obesity and child mortality; and skills, both academic and social.

The grand duchy ranked 13th overall. It placed second on the physical health league table, behind Japan. But Luxembourg did not fare so well in terms of mental health, where it ranks 19th, or in the “skills” category where it only places 28th out of 41.

Luxembourg’s neighbours France and Belgium ranked 7th and 8th respectively, while Germany was placed just below the grand duchy in 14th place.

The Netherlands topped the overall league table, followed by Denmark and Norway. The bottom three countries were the United States, Bulgaria and Chile.