Luxleaks: Deltour’s sentence quashed


Deltour (centre) leaving court in Luxembourg.Antoine Deltour's sentence quashed by Luxembourg court of appeal.Photo: Audrey Somnard 

The Luxembourg Court of Cassation, the highest judicial authority in the land, has quashed the conviction of the former PwC employee, turned whistle-blower, Antoine Deltour, it was announced on 15 May 2018. However, the sentence against another ex-PwC employee, Raphael Halet, was upheld.

In March, Deltour was handed down a six-month suspended jail sentence and a fine of €1,500. Halet has to face a fine of €1,000. 

According to an article on Paperjam, Deltour has been ordered to make a symbolic payment of €1 to PwC.

The LuxLeaks scandal first hit the headlines in 2014, when documents outlining details of tax breaks given to large international firms were leaked causing a major storm.

The tax breaks were made under the premiership of Jean-Claude Juncker, now president of the European Commission, who has faced heavy questioning on the issue.