LuxSE deputy CEO Julie Becker pictured with Laetitia Hamon, head of sustainable finance Handout photo 

“With the LGX DataHub, we have identified and collected the data market players need for [asset managers’ and investors’] analysis and reporting purposes,” LuxSE deputy CEO Julie Becker said in a communiqué.

The centralized hub developed as a way to streamline green, social and sustainability securities data points and formats and includes details on pre- and post-issuance information so those who use it can keep compliant as regulations evolve. Asset managers and investors will also be able to compare the impact of a variety of such investments.  

Becker added, “Transparency is the best way to create trust and confidence among investors, and transparency is built on data.”

The LGX platform, which launched in 2016 and is dedicated entirely to green bonds, today counts some 800 securities totalling €300b. Europe’s first AAA-rated sovereign sustainability bond was also issued by Luxembourg earlier this month.