Macron, Kinepolis, Lux-Airport


Macron tries to drum up support to change the directive on posted workers.Pictured: a newspaper advert after the French electionsPicture credit: Lorie Shaull 

  • Macron is on his first leg of a Europe-wide tour to drum up support for changing the EU directive on posted workers. Issues of fraud and social dumping are the main criticisms. A reform proposal was introduced a year ago and is currently being examined by the European parliament. In 2016, 81,330 posted workers were registered in Luxembourg--the majority Germans. Half were employed in the construction sector. Almost €500,000 in fines were issued in the first four months of 2017.
  • Kinepolis shows increased profits, except in Luxembourg. The cinema chain, which operates in seven countries, could register a turnover of €160,1 million in the first half of 2017. However, its three Luxembourg cinemas registered fewer visitors (-0.7%). The Kirchberg cinema will be totally renovated in 2018.
  • Fresh talks between the civil aviation department (Dac), Lux-Airport and the minister for sustainable development may have led to a new compromise; however, the threat of a strike is still on the table, the trade unions have indicated. The compromise foresees that Lux-Airport will be the operator, while delegating the management of the runway and taxiway to Ana. Lux-Airport would be mainly in charge of the terminals and passengers.
  • Uber’s losses have slightly decreased in the second trimester, from $645 million against $708 million in the first trimester. However, its troubles are not yet over.
  • A month from the federal elections in Germany, many voters are still unsure which party to vote for. Nevertheless, chances are that current chancellor Angela Merkel will be reelected.