The wearing of masks in public spaces will be mandatory as of 20 April. The free distribution of 5 masks per person in each household and at companies is underway. 

As of Monday 20 April, the wearing of masks will be mandatory at work and in public spaces where social distancing, that is keeping a distance of 2 metres from others, is unavoidable. Local communes will be distributing masks for individuals, sending packs of 5 masks per person to households by post. Many communes are also including letters in several languages explaining the use of the masks, but also warning that a mask alone is not protection against covid-19 infection and that social distancing and hand washing, for example, should be maintained as good practice.

The government is also setting up a distribution programme for businesses. Priority is being given to companies in the construction and crafts sector that are able to restart work on Monday. The Luxembourg Army has set up a drive-in distribution point at the airport’s Parking E car park, where crafts companies can collect their masks upon presentation of their craftsman’s card or business licence. Distribution will take place over four days in alphabetical order: companies whose names start with the letters A to J can collect on Friday 17 April; K to P can pick up on Saturday 18 April; and Q to Z will get theirs on Sunday 20 April. Companies unable to collect on those dates can still collect masks on Monday 20 April.

The free distribution of protective masks to other Luxembourg businesses is being organised jointly by the government, the Chamber of Commerce and other partners, via the Post Luxembourg network. The Chamber of Commerce says that companies with 50 or more employees will receive the masks by mail as soon as possible.

Companies with fewer than 50 employees will receive a letter in the next few days from the Centre Commun de la Sécurité Sociale (CCSS) informing them of the number of masks made available to them and a post office or distribution point at which they can be collected.

But the Chamber of Commerce is also asking companies not to contact its own, nor the government’s, helpline with questions about mask distribution.