Mediation requests at Luxembourg regulator in 2020



The Luxembourg Regulatory Institute in 2020 received 134 requests by consumers to mediate with telecommunications and utilities companies and postal services. 

The institute (ILR) oversees regulatory matters in electronic communications, electricity, natural gas, postal services, transport and radio frequencies, and also acts as a mediator for disputes in the areas.

The vast majority of mediation requests (109) related to telecommunications, followed by postal services (17) and utilities (8). In 56% of cases, the ILR was able to help both parties find an agreement. One in ten negotiations failed. Other cases were either withdrawn or rejected.

Although companies can also seize the ILR to mediate, all requests in 2020 stemmed from private customers. The ILR invites both sides to submit written statements. If they fail to reach an agreement, it acts as a mediator during talks. If these yield no result, the ILR in a final step will make its own proposal on how to solve the dispute.

Eight in ten cases are solved during the written phase of proceedings.

The number of mediation requests last year was up slightly, by ten cases, compared to 2019.