Meet the Roses: Stacey McKenna

Stacey McKenna wants to share the great experiences she has had in Luxembourg, the city she now calls home. LaLa La Photo

Stacey McKenna wants to share the great experiences she has had in Luxembourg, the city she now calls home. LaLa La Photo

In the last of our series of interviews with this year’s contestants to represent the grand duchy at the Rose of Tralee, we meet a business studies graduate from the University of Limerick who has just started her first job as an accountant in Luxembourg.

Originally from Cork with family from Fermanagh, 23-year old Stacey McKenna’s internship at a Luxembourg bank convinced her to move to the grand duchy. Keen on travelling, Stacey recently completed her teaching English as a foreign language studies. She is also active in sports and volunteering.

Who, or what, convinced you to enter the Luxembourg Rose?

My good friend Leona entered the Luxembourg Rose in 2016, she convinced me to enter as she said it was a great experience and met some great people during her time. My escort Kevin was another person who convinced me to enter. I'm really glad he did, as I am already enjoying the whole experience.

What has been your favourite memory of Luxembourg since you moved here, and what has been the biggest challenge of living in the grand duchy?

My favourite memory of Luxembourg was “Duke’s Day” in 2016. It was my first time attending the national holiday. It was so great to see how the city comes together to celebrate the Grand Duke’s birthday. The biggest challenge is the majority of shops being closed on a Sunday. This is something I would not have experienced in Ireland, so it took a little while getting used to.

What would it mean for you to be selected as the Luxembourg Rose? 

It would be a great honour to be selected as the Luxembourg Rose. I would get to share the great experiences I have encountered living in this beautifully diverse city that I now call my home. 

This year’s Rose Ball to select Luxembourg’s Rose of Tralee will be held at the Parc Hotel Alvisse in Dommeldange on 14 April. Details here.