Men in civil service leadership roles



Nearly three quarters of senior civil service jobs in Luxembourg were occupied by men at the end of 2020, data released by the government shows, even though women make up more than half of the public sector workforce. 

Luxembourg’s public sector counted 31,049 people in its workforce, of which 19,292 were civil servants while 8,854 worked on fixed-term or permanent contracts and another 2,489 were contracted under a collective work agreement.

The average age of public sector workers was 40.7.

Close to half of public sector staff work in education (44.8%), followed by administrative roles (39.6%), law enforcement (11.1%) and the judiciary (4.5%).

While women made up 52.6% of public sector workers at the end of 2020, they accounted for only 28.5% of 393 leadership positions, a report published by the government on 7 May shows.

Women, however, were more likely to work in part-time roles. Out of 6,853 public sector workers in part-time jobs, 5,636 were women.