Some of the current crop of students at Mudec pose against the Luxembourg City skyline, early February 2020. Many are signed up to the university’s Luxembourg Digital Innovation Center internship programme. Photo: Mudec 

Last year the Miami University John E. Dolibois European Center in Differdange teamed up with the Miami University Emerging Technology in Design + Business department and the Institute for Entrepreneurship to create the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Center internship program for students with experience in digital marketing, interactive media studies or web application development.

The result is that 13 Luxembourg based companies signed up for the programme and have now taken on students who work four days per week, with one day reserved for company visits and networking events. The students also work together as a team on a capstone project for one company.

The companies range from those in the financial services sector like Refinitiv, Société Générale and ONE group solutions and tech businesses like Neopixl,  Talkwalker, Explose and Birdee, to those operating in the media sector like City Savvy Luxembourg, Media Concept Factory, L'essentiel and The Outdoor Journal, and even music teaching in the shape of Kelsey Hopper Services.

Thierry Leterre, Dean of MUDEC, explains that the “first cohort of students” have majors ranging from emerging technology in business and design and marketing to journalism and information systems.

Bertrand Kauffmann, digital transformation leader at Société Générale, said his company was proud to participate in the inaugural programme. “We are glad to welcome an American trainee who will, no doubt, give a positive and fresh impetus to our transformation,” he said in a press statement.

Managing director at Neopixl, David Renoux, was also happy to welcome students. “Miami University students clearly have the digital skills expected by agencies such as Neopixl,” a statement read.