Mullerthal natural park denied Unesco status


The park offers hikers 112km of trails. 

The Mullerthal natural park has been denied the Unesco Global Geoparks label. 

The announcement was made on Tuesday in response to the park’s application, submitted in November 2017.

As reported in Le Quotidien, the “public awareness” component was lacking for the jury members, but recommendations were made for “greater involvement of the population and greater public awareness in general”. 

The Mullerthal region, or “Little Switzerland”, got its nickname due to the interesting rock formations and hilly landscape. It's also known for a range of local products. On 30-31 March, the region takes centre stage at the Cider World Fair in Frankfurt, Germany, due to its local importance in cider and brandy making. 

The “Mëllerdall” natural park was founded in 2016, covering 12 communes over 256 sqaure km, with 112km of hiking trails for visitors to explore the geology. 

Echternach, the region’s capital, has been on the Unesco Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2010, thanks to the hopping procession which takes place on Whit Tuesday. During the event, which has been documented since the year 1100, some 8,000 dancers take over a procession which starts at the city’s abbey.