New circular economy apartments in Wiltz


Nesto, new circular economy apartment block at Batzendell, Wiltz -  the grand duchy's Circular Economy Hotspot.Photo: Heliosmart 

Nesto, a block of 6 affordable apartments built entirely according to circular economy principles, was inaugurated by Heliosmart, specialists in renewable energy and responsible consumption, at Batzendell, Wiltz on 5 September 2018.

Inaugurated in the presence of Francine Closener, secretary of state for the economy, and Claude Turmes, secretary of state for sustainable development and infrastructure, Nesto is the first building built by the private sector in the grand duchy to be rented to a social real estate agency. The building will be delivered to the new tenant on 15 September. 

Nesto is a building that meets the most advanced criteria of the circular economy. According to a press release issued on 5 September, “By renouncing basement constructions and opting for a wooden frame, it was possible to reduce the use of concrete by 95%. Only a light slab placed on a cellular glass insulation was used to insulate the assembly. This cellular glass has an extreme longevity and is recyclable to infinity.”

Work on the project was also completed in record time. “The closed work was completed in three days, the construction and finishing phase having taken only five months.”

The structure of the building is solid wood of short circuit that comes only from European continental forests. Insulation is made of wood fibre and mineral wool certified by "Blauer Engel" and "Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold".

If necessary, the building can be dismantled and moved, in which case all the elements will be carefully reassembled on the new site.

“At the end of the cycle, the building will be deconstructed and the components that have retained their original properties will be assigned to the construction of another project,” the communiqué continued.  

On 13 October 2015, the commune of Wiltz became Luxembourg’s first Circular Economy Hotspot, which saw numerous initiatives were launched including the construction of the Nesto apartment block. For further information please click here