New employment partnership targets highly qualified


Adem joins with FR2S to help highly qualified job seekers.  Photo of Adem job portail by Maison Moderne 

A new collaboration between Adem (the Luxembourg employment agency) and FR2S (the Federation for Recruitment, Reach & Selection) with the objective of, “Working together to combat unemployment,” was announced on 11 June 2018.

A communiqué issued by employment ministry explained that, “The partnership seeks to increase the opportunities available to candidates registered with Adem and facilitate their integration into the employment market.”

Latest figures from Adem demonstrate that the number of highly qualified candidates looking for work in Luxembourg is increasing. The new collaboration will target these types of candidates and provide them more focused advice relevant to easing their access to the employment market. 

Given that the recuitment of highly qualified personnel is one of the biggest challenges facing companies in the grand duchy at this time, Delano hopes to bring further details on how this new collaboration will help the sutuation soon.