New vaccination centre at Luxexpo


Library picture of Luxexpo in Kirchberg. Photo provided by Luxembourg government 

Requested by the government, the Luxexpo The Box exhibition and convention centre is set to become the sixth--and largest--vaccination centre in the country. 

It’ll be a definite boost to the vaccination campaign: the Luxexpo The Box exhibition and convention centre will, in the coming days, become the largest vaccination centre in the country. Its 50 or so vaccination lines will allow the grand duchy to see its vaccination capacity increase from 35,000 to 95,000 people per week.

“We are delighted that the government has decided, in its fight against the health and economic crisis, to renew its collaboration with Luxexpo The Box. Luxexpo's commitment beyond its primary mission as an exhibition and congress centre underlines its contribution to the wellbeing of Luxembourg society as a whole; which will also be the engine of socio-economic progress during the relaunch," said Jos Sales, chairman of the Luxexpo committee of the Chamber of Commerce, the majority shareholder of the company operating the premises.

CEO of Luxexpo The Box, Morgan Gromy, said he was "extremely proud to be able to contribute with our infrastructures and with our 37 employees in leading the country towards the end of the crisis to finally allow the recovery of a normal life and the revival of the economic machine. It is worth putting aside our potential event activity in the coming months.”

If four vaccination centres are currently in service in Luxembourg, this figure will be bound to change. Indeed, before the infrastructure made available by Luxexpo The Box, another centre should open its doors on 12 April, in the Luxembourg Air Rescue hangar at Findel.

This article was originally published in French on Paperjam.lu and has been translated and edited for Delano.