Nightclubs to open until 3am from Sunday



In the capital, it will be possible to party until 3am from 13 June. And if all goes well, it is possible that after 15 July, opening hours will be extended to 6am.

The abolition of the curfew is foreseen in the new covid-19 law, which is due to be voted on this weekend, and the reopening of nightclubs is planned in the wake of this, almost a year and a half after the last parties. However, as the authorisations to open at night are a communal competence, the capital's clubs were eagerly waiting to obtain the green light.

This update came on Thursday via a press briefing by the City of Luxembourg. Authorities confirmed that the capital's nightclubs will be allowed to stay open until 3am starting this Sunday, provided they comply with all covid-19 regulations in place.

Apply five days in advance

Establishments in the hotel and catering sector and nightclubs can now submit "their request for an authorisation for occasional all-nighters, until 3am, from 13 June to 15 July inclusive", according to the press release that was sent out. This request must be made five days before the night in question.
An exception to this request for authorisation will be made for the night of the 22 June, the eve of national day.
It should be remembered that these reopenings will take place within the sanitary framework, with a maximum capacity of 300 people and the CovidCheck protocol to follow. We can also note that the City of Luxembourg has decided to extend the distribution of vouchers for free antigen tests. This will continue until 15 July inclusive, in one of the 18 planned centres.
Mayor Lydie Polfer (DP) explained that if these measures are respected, then the extension of the authorisation until 6am after 15 July could be considered.
This story was first published in French on Paperjam. It has been translated and edited for Delano.