Organic wine production taking off in Luxembourg

Illustration photo shows a grape harvest in Tuscany, Italy Shutterstock

Illustration photo shows a grape harvest in Tuscany, Italy Shutterstock

Land occupied by organic vineyards has more than quadrupled over the past ten years, according to figures published by the viticulture minister.

Responding to a parliamentary question from Chantal Gary, minister Romain Schneider (LSAP) wrote on Friday that organic vineyards spanned 8.88 hectares in 2010, rising to 41.24 hectares in 2018.

The same year, some 13.9 hectares were in the process of converting to organic practices. To be organically certified, producers must undergo three years of not using synthetic fertilisers, pesticides or genetically modified seeds.

The number of organic producers, meanwhile, rose from three in 2010, to 14 in 2019. The minister said that the government would increase the bonus for wine producers who convert to or continue to use organic practices in their production.

He said that producers would also benefit from planned measures in the new government organic farming action plan, which also includes subsidies and grants.

The current government has pledged to ensure that at least 20% of farmland be given over to organic practices by 2025. In 2018, just 4.4% of farmland was dedicated to organic production.

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