Organisers issue protest guidelines


A man kneels outside the US Embassy in Dublin, Ireland, as he takes part in a black lives matter solidarity protest on 1 June. A similar protest is planned in Luxembourg on Friday afternoon.  Photo: Damien Storan / Shutterstock 

Lëtz Rise Up, which is organising a protest on Friday afternoon outside the US embassy, has issued a message for its supporters.

The organisers of Friday afternoon’s protest at the US Embassy in support of Americans who are fighting for justice for George Floyd have issued guidelines for supporters joining the demonstration.

The leaders of the Lëtz Rise Up organisation says they have been “overwhelmed by the surge of solidarity which the murder of George Floyd has aroused in Luxembourg and by all the messages we have received since we decided to organise a demonstration for justice.” The gathering, at 2pm in front of the US embassy, is also a protest against what the group calls “structural racism in the police, and throughout US society”.

In a statement on its Facebook page, the organisers acknowledge that organising a demonstration during the current health crisis is particularly challenging. They are asking demonstrators to “comply with the current health requirements concerning compulsory face masks and social distancing”. Clearly identified volunteers will be stationed at the site to ensure safety during the event and distribute the guidelines when you arrive.

Protestors are also being asked to bring your ID, as police--who have sanctioned the protest--may carry out checks.

“We encourage you to bring any items that make noise (i.e. drums, saucepans...) and your own signs but please do NOT bring any device which broadcasts music,” the statement says. Additional signs will be handed out to protestors who may require them.

On Wednesday US ambassador Randy Evans responded to news of the protest published in Delano’s 10 Things To Do This Week section. “Protests are important; indeed protests are in part how the U.S. got going. It is when there are NO protests, especially due to government control, that I start to worry,” he said via Facebook.