Partial unemployment: over €804m already allocated

The construction sector has already received nearly €200 million under the partial unemployment measures. Shutterstock

The construction sector has already received nearly €200 million under the partial unemployment measures. Shutterstock

Among the decisions taken to help companies in the context of the health crisis, those related to short-time working have not surprisingly been very successful. It’s a strong economic measure which has also been described as a social one.

Of course, its success has been waning with deconfinement and resumption of activities--a trend that continued to emerge between June and July, even if some sectors remain more concerned than others, as shown in the latest economic table from the Idea Foundation.

Which companies have made use of this partial unemployment in its different versions? When asked by Paperjam, the labour ministry explained that it cannot respond “in accordance with the protection of personal data”.

According to the economy ministry scoreboard, which includes figures through June 29, 14,709 companies had access to it, either directly or through the government’s economic committee (Comité de conjuncture), and 361,853 salaries were paid through this channel. In total, €804,620,955 were thus distributed.

Which sectors have used it the most?

Per a labour ministry table, there is a trio that has largely exceeded the milestone of €100m in allowances. These sectors include construction (€194,406,538 already collected); then retail, car and cycle repair (€153,212,138); and hospitality (€121,408,556).

The other five sectors are clearly below these amounts (see infographic). In total, no less than €774,333,788 have already been used as part of this extraordinary short-time working scheme for the eight most important sectors in the country.

This article originally appeared in French on Paperjam.lu and has been translated and edited for Delano.