French nationals continued to make up the largest single nationality group of new Luxembourgers at 2,466 (compared to 2,785 in 2018). Their place at the top of the list comes as little surprise considering the French made up the second-largest number of non-Luxembourger residents in the country in 2019, after the Portuguese.

Second place in the new nationality rankings was occupied by Brazilians (2,117, from 931), followed by Belgians (1,335, from 1,601), Portuguese (1,067, from 1,593), Americans (730, from 667) and Britons (431, from 435).

The data was published by Luxembourg’s justice ministry on Monday. The ministry pointed out that from 2015 to 2019, the number of people acquiring Luxembourg nationality had doubled and credited the rise to a relaxing of the criteria for obtaining nationality in 2017.

This progression has, in turn, reversed the growing proportion in foreign residents in the country. According to figures published on Statec, foreigners represented 47.9% of the resident population in 2018, a figure which fell to 47.5% in 2019.