Physio appointments can now be booked online


Patrick Kersten of Doctena and Patrick Obertin of the Association Luxembourgeoise des Kinés announcing their physiotherapy appointment agreement, signed earlier this month. Picture credit: Doctena 

The medical appointment service Doctena has added physical therapy to its booking options.

Doctena and the Luxembourg Association of Physiotherapists (ALK) struck the deal at the beginning of the month, the two organisations said in a press release issued on 20 February.

The ALK has 700 members. Its chairman, Patrick Obertin, stated in the announcement that:

“Doctena will help young physiotherapists to build a patient base thanks to the visibility provided by the online booking platform”.

Luxembourg-based Doctena offers medical appointments with “more than 10,000 healthcare professionals” in six European countries, it said in the release. The firm’s CEO, Patrick Kersten, stated that:

“currently, one doctor in four in Luxembourg publishes their availability on the Doctena platform. We are now looking to extend this figure to all healthcare specialties and professions”.