Pilot project for greener lorry transport


 Christophe Steichen / TotalEnergies Luxembourg

Logistics companies Arthur Welter Transports and Bolloré Logistics Luxembourg on Tuesday launched a pilot project together with TotalEnergies to reduce the carbon footprint of lorries travelling from the grand duchy to Paris by 90%. 

TotalEnergies, which recently re-branded from Total, set up a fuel pump for fossil free diesel HVO100 at its Bettembourg service station. The biofuel is made from vegetable oils and has up to 90% lower emissions.

The pilot project is aimed at a service linking Luxembourg’s airport in Findel and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport three times a week. Arthur Welter estimates that emissions on the route will go down from 340kg of CO2 on a regular trip with a diesel lorry to 85kg of CO2 using biofuel.

The HVO100 pump is open to other users of the nearby Bettembourg-Dudelange railway and road transport hub and the Eurohub Sud logistics park.

“This new service that we are launching with our partners Arthur Welter Transports and TotalEnergies in Luxembourg meets the requirements of our customers, who are more and more likely to want to opt for cleaner logistics solutions. Other routes (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, etc.) will soon be offered and will strengthen our service offering and increase our environmental performance,” said Bolloré Logistics director Marc Hansen.