Planners mull Kirchberg school campus

If approved, the school buildings could be constructed on a 62-hectare site known as “Op der Schleed” Archiduc.lu

If approved, the school buildings could be constructed on a 62-hectare site known as “Op der Schleed” Archiduc.lu

Feasibility studies are underway to examine the possibility of an annex for Lycée Michel Lucius in Kirchberg, it has emerged.

Announcing their annual review, the Fonds de Kirchberg (Kirchberg development fund) said that studies were underway to look at building school facilities for this college, the Lycée Technique du Centre and the Waldorf school within the next ten to 15 years.

In September 2017, Lycée Michel Lucius will open a public English-language primary school in temporary buildings in Belair. A source had earlier told Delano that the future intention was to move the existing English secondary building and new primary to Kirchberg.

If approved, the buildings could be constructed on a 62-hectare site known as “Op der Schleed”, located next to the RTL headquarters. Discussions also include the creation of an urban farm, to be used as an educational tool.

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More housing

The district management body also revealed a number of new housing developments either being considered or about to be constructed.

These include projects to build 820 and 480 new units in the areas of Kiem and Réimerwee, and other plans for low car use housing in front of the Rehazenter where collective car parks could be constructed. Three new constructions will begin in 2020, on Kennedy South (36,000m2) and the second phase of the Kiem (23,700m2) and 17,280m2 in Grünewald (with a new hotel, accommodation, offices and space for creative industries).

Expansions are meanwhile planned or already underway at the European Investment Bank (Mecanoo architects), the European Court of Justice (Dominique Perrault and Jean Petit architectes), the European Commission (Jürgen Engel architectes) and the European Parliament, whose first phase is nearing completion.

Photo: Archiduc.lu, Artists' impression shows Avenue J F Kennedy with tram, cycle paths, pavements and road


The body confirmed the opening of the first phase of the tram line for 17 December 2017, with a double tram lane on the Red Bridge and a two-way bike path along avenue JF Kennedy. The tram will run on a grassed track. Twelve new pedestrian crossings will be installed along the road where speed limits will be reduced to 50kmh for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.

At the other end of the avenue, work will begin on a new park and ride car park with a bus and tram station in March 2018. The building will also include offices, shops and a car park with 570 places.

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