PM-International bags Direct Selling News honours


Founder and CEO Rolf Sorg says breaking into the top 10 of the DSN Global 100 ranking has been a goal PM-International has been working towards for over 25 years.Photo: PM-International 

The Schengen-based company has broken into the top ten of the trade magazine’s global 100 ranking and also received its Bravo International Growth Award.

Some ten years after first making it into the Direct Selling News Global 100 ranking, PM-International has leapt up the table and also been recognised as the fastest-growing international DSN Global 100 company in 2020.

Indeed, last year the company, which provides premium health, fitness and beauty products, increased its annual worldwide sales by more than 50% to reach over $1.7bn. The latest rankings place PM-International ahead of traditional, direct-selling giants like Tupperware.

"Being ranked in the Top 10 is a great honour and a goal we at PM-International have been working towards for over 25 years,” said founder and CEO Rolf Sorg. “In the light of the current situation, we are honoured to additionally receive an award for our growth. My thanks and respect go first and foremost to our distribution partners and employees, who have reacted flexibly even under difficult conditions and for their outstanding contribution every day."  

The DSN Global 100 list provides an overview of the global development of the direct sales industry; not only for industry insiders, but also for researchers, investors and those seeking opportunities within the industry. Since 2016, PM-International has collaborated with the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), including sharing laboratories at LIST’s main building in Belvaux.

Indeed, back in 2019 Sorg told Delano that he had been impressed by the level of support for innovative R&D in Luxembourg and had the impression the government actively seeks partnerships to help innovation flourish.