The figures were provided by finance minister Pierre Gramegna (DP), who was responding on 14 February to a parliamentary question from deputy Mars Di Bartolomeo (LSAP) in which the latter inquired about the sales evolution of cigarettes and other tobacco products in the grand duchy. 

He further asked for a comparison of sales with neighbouring countries over the last decade, specifically noting that cigarette sales in France dropped by over 9% following a “sharp rise” in prices of more than €1 per pack.

According to the figures provided in Gramegna’s reply, the price for a packet of 20 smokes is €4.20 and did not change from 2017 to 2018, although it has increased from €3.20 in 2010. 

Nevertheless, there is a steep price differential between Luxembourg and its neighbouring countries, specifically France. In 2018, for example, cigarette packs of 20 cost €7.60 in France (a price differential of 80.95% compared with Luxembourg). 

Prices in the same year in Belgium and Germany were €5.50 and €4.53, respectively, with price differentials of 30.95% and 7.86%. 

This implies that at least part of the increase in sales may be due to cross-border sales. 

Nevertheless, the minister added that “the fight against tobacco addiction will be carried on”.