Robert Schuman hospitals to ban visits


The group's 3 hospitals have banned visits to protect staff and patients from covid infections. Photo: Romain Gamba 

After rising infections and further hospitalisations, the Robert Schuman hospitals have decided to not allow visitors until further notice. 

As of Thursday, and in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus, patients at the Robert Schuman hospitals will not be able to receive visitors anymore, with exceptions to be made in specific units and for patients at the end of life. 

It is no secret that the second wave is here and health facilities are amongst the ones that need the most protection. Therefore, the Robert Schuman hospitals have decided to ban patient visits “in order to best protect patients and healthcare professionals against the coronavirus and to avoid a new lockdown at any cost,” the hospital states on its website adding that, in the past days, there had been an increase in cases where people did not respect the sanitary measures during visits. 

The new restriction concerns the hospital group’s three sites: Kirchberg, Zithaklinik and the Sainte-Marie hospital. However, exceptions will be made in pediatrics, for instance, where both parents will still be able to attend a delivery. Maternity visits will also still be possible, but limited to one per day. As for critical patients, the concerned physician has to give their permission for loved ones to visit. 

This article was originally published on Paperjam.lu in French.