Royal visit to Findel vaccination centre


Photo: SIP/Jean-Christophe Verhaegen 

Grand Duke Henri and health minister Paulette Lenert (LSAP) visited the Luxembourg Air Rescue (LAR) vaccination at Findel on Thursday. 

During the tour, they visited the maintenance hall, aircraft and transport module for covid-19 patients. The royal also received an explanation on vaccines by on-site staff. 

He was joined by Luc Feller, High Commissioner for National Protection (HCPN); HCPN deputy Guy Bley; lieutenant-colonel Robert Kohnen; LAR head René Closter; Sandweiler mayor,  Simone Massard-Stitz. The royal is pictured above with Lenert as well as (from left to right), Monique Ba, administrative coordinator of the vaccination centre; Irène Koziel, pharmacist; and Dr Lavinia Goedecke, head of the vaccination centre. 

The Findel vaccination centre is the fifth to have opened in the grand duchy on 12 April.